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Tis the season to be crazy

In case you didn't understand how much I love TV


The season finale isn't till NEXT week! MY BAD! I think I saw some ad for the season finale and assumed it was this coming Sunday, whatever, excuses, blah blah, I AM THE LAMEST!!!

On the bright side: we have two more episodes instead of one! And this gives you PLENTY of time to buy a plane ticket to Seattle!

To make up for it, I'll tell you that Jon Hamm is going to be on next week's Saturday Night Live. SWOON.

Also! Trivia! Jon Hamm dated Lorelei Gilmore for all of one episode! DOUBLE SWOON!

All right. My sister just implied that I am being stalkerish (even though she's the one who conjured up the Gilmore Girls reference WHATEVER) so I'm going to stop now. Ahem.

****END RED ALERT!****

The Mad Men season finale is Sunday night. SUNDAY NIGHT. Throughout this sad and lonely TiFaux-less period of my life (which Phillip is working on amending as I type), Mad Men has been the one single show I've managed to watch in real time every week. I don't think I've liked a show this much since Veronica Mars was on TV. And, like Veronica Mars, I occasionally re-watch episodes, because you missed the title of the book Don was reading or you didn't quite hear what Ken said to Sal or you completely blank on the fact that Jane bought Don's extra shirts at Mencken's. IMPORTANT STUFF LIKE THAT!

Anyway. I am alternately thrilled and despairing that the season finale is tomorrow night, although more despairing than usual because no one is watching it with me. Not even my sisters, the people who turned me on to Logan Echolls, are watching Mad Men. And so I need to ask: do any of you want to fly out here Sunday evening? We can put on our reddest lipstick and tease our hair and drink martinis and it will be SO MUCH FUN. I am not even kidding. Please come visit. My TiFaux might even be all fixed so we can rewind if we miss anything!

I'm off to mope. If TV's not your thing, there's a new post at Hot By Thirty. Although, moaning over the state of your closet might not be your thing either and then we REALLY can't be friends.


Wickedly Scarlett

Wait... this is the season finale??? I can't believe it's already over... but Betty hasn't completely spiraled out of control yet! That's what I've been waiting for all season!


season 2 over already? I am working my way through season 1 and the rented dvd's are now 3 weeks over due because I am that slow. I can't pinpoint what it is that I like about the show -so far the most intriguing storyline is the weight gain of Peggy. I noticed her packing on the pounds many episodes before they brought it up and was totally confused as to whether I was imagining it. Now they have addressed it and I cannot wait to see what happens...some say this show may be like the new sopranos. I feel so hip for getting on board just one season late...teehee.

Sarah in Ottawa

I JUST saw the promo for the season finale of Mad Men -- ooo...that Peter!

Maggie, if I were not heading into trimester 3 (and not in pre-natal classes all day tomorrow), I would be so tempted to fly out and watch the series finale with you. And we could gab about VM. I would try to charm you into watching the last 5 episodes of S1 with me (if not that whole season), and the scenes in S2 were V&L dance to "Sway" (that episode, "Plan B", rocked), and the "I Can Hear the Bells" prom scene, too. I MISS YOU, LOGAN ECHOLLS!

And since I only have 5 pairs of pants that fit (all maternity), I will now go and read your closet woes and wallow in my own.


Gahh! I wish I could watch it with you -- or at all. We're without cable right now (silly things like groceries and rent are taking up all the space in the budget where the important stuff like AMC and the Food Network should be). We got completely hooked on it last season, though, and I've been keeping up via TWoP. Best show ever.


I only have two pairs of pants that fit at the moment and about four shirts and I refuse to buy more since I am so close to not needing them anymore. I am starting to look ridiculous though.


Gah! It's the finale already? I'm in bloody Washington (D.C. not state otherwise I would totally cart over some dim sum and watch the finale with you) and I forgot to set the TiVo. Looks like it's iTunes for me tonight. Unless the hotel has AMC in which case I'll be holed up on the edge of my seat.

I thought we had two more episodes left of Don in limbo. I was just reading something where they said that the last two episodes are tear jerkers. I suppose I was just fostering Don Draper delusions.


if jon hamm = don draper woot! woot! on the SNL appearance. Don Draper is so dreamy, to use 60's inspired lingo.

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