This post brought to you by morphine
It IS a girl!

This is what's going on

So! I am in the hospital watching my husband and my sister eat in front of me AGAIN. And this time I am starving!

We held out most of the day because both od us were so paranoid about being sent home from the hospital again. Around 4 things got bad. I thought they were bad before, but no. This was bad. I finally insisted on the hospital with the intention of begging on my hands and knees if I wasn't far enough along. When we got here and they checked me and I was 6 cm, I let out a very loud THANK YOU JESUS.

In the next hour I got an IV and an epidural from the same lady who yelled at me last time (and didn't really yell at me this time, but kept saying, "MARGARET. YOU CANNOT MOVE. MARGARET. STOP PLEASE." And I'm all I'M HAVING CONTRACTIONS WOMAN!)

And all of that was just as whirlwindy and adrenaline rushy as it was the first time. But now I've calmed down a bit (at least my teeth have stopped chattering) and we are watching CNN and eating our Burger King. Well, SOME of us. I am 8 cm and the nurse says she thinks I'll have the baby by 11. I told her I'm not ready for that. I need some sleep and also some Coming Down Off The Scary Labor Ledge. I never updated Twitter today because I couldn't decide what to say. Either "TWO IS ENOUGH" or "I'M LIKING THE IDEA OF A SCHEDULED C-SECTION."

Anyway. I'll let you know. Like you aren't sitting in your pjs eating popcorn and refreshing my website every five minutes.



Wooo hoooo! Way to go, labor day momma!


How did you beat me to the punch again? I had a few strong sympathy contractions tonight in your honor--woke me up out of a dead sleep and I rolled downstairs to see if you had your baby before me AGAIN. Looks like you will. 8 cm. You go.


Okay, this is pretty cool! Going into labor on Labor Day, and even having your baby today maybe! It's bedtime for us here on the East Coast, but I'll be checking first thing in the morning to see what's happened. Update ASAP!


Yay!! I Was also thinking about the Labor Day thing (though I'm sure you've already figured that one out =) Can't wait to hear the rest of Mighty Baby Girl's story. Best of easy-rest-of-labor-luck to you!

morgan S.

Yay!!!!!! Good luck! I will be refreshing my browser!


ohhhhh the internet is abuzz. Good luck!


How exciting! I hope you're both doing well. Can't wait to find out the NAME!


*chewing on popcorn*


Darn, I spilled some on my pjs...


I'm letting Bloglines do the refreshing, (hence I'm late to the game) but I'm waiting and waiting. Good luck!!!

Kate P

Wow! Very excited and keeping up the prayers. :)


Squee!!! SO SO EXCITED!! I bet you are holding your baby girl in your arms right now! Can't wait to hear all about her and see pictures!! Blessings!!!!


Oooo, I missed this yesterday and now it's today and OMG WHERE IS THE UPDATE?


I am so excited! Good luck!


Bloglines is NOT keeping me up to date. I hope all is well....UPDATE please : )


OOooooohhhh, congratulations! I'm so excited for you!

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