It IS a girl!
So far so good

The comparisons begin

We're sitting around waiting for the hearing test people, which is killing me because my other baby is at home and hasn't seen me in days (okay, maybe not DAYS) and I MISS HIM. He's been shuffled through various family members since Sunday and I can't believe he's not sort of annoyed by that. Or wondering what's going on, at the very least. My parents brought him to the hospital yesterday morning and he was not particularly impressed by the new baby. He wasn't too interested in me either. But if my MOM was holding Molly then THAT WAS NOT ACCEPTABLE. He's such a Grandma's boy.

So we're sitting here wondering what it's going to be like when we get home. Jack will actually be napping, I hope, by the time we get there (although I wanted so badly to get home this morning. STUPID HEARING TEST.) And then what? I'm doing the Every Two Hours thing so it's not like I'm going to be much fun for Jack. (OH WAIT! THEY'RE HERE! YIPPEE!) Way back when Jack was being a horrible no good napper I was super worried about how in the world I was going to manage two babies. Now I can say that Jack is on an awesome schedule and going to bed and taking his naps like a Sleep Rock Star, so I'm a little more hopeful. I know not to expect him to be business as usual, but I do feel better having him on a more consistent schedule for the last couple months. So there's that, right?

Last night was hard and I know both of us were thinking: crying baby, both of us up all night, is Jack going to wake up too, we're going to be so tired the next day, HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS? But I know that they do. And we will too. And it will be okay.

Poor Molly- all we've done since her birth is compare her to Jack. The curse of not being first, I guess. But I can say that she excels in some areas. For one thing, she is WAY CUTER. Jack is my darling boy and is, as you know, the handsomest boy on Earth, but he did not start out that way. At six pounds he was a scrawny old man-looking thing with velociraptor fingers and icky peeling skin. Molly is more than a pound heavier and MY that makes a difference. There's some actual pudge in those cheeks and I think she is ADORABLE. Also! I've decided that being more than a pound heavier has made a huge difference in breastfeeding as well. Imagine my utter shock at attempting to feed a baby who knows what to DO! I don't think Jack figured out the suck/swallow thing till he was two weeks old, at best. (Two weeks I do not care to repeat. Ever. Ugh.) While I can't say that I am enjoying the feeding thing this time around (OWWWWW) it's a frillion times easier, a gazillion times less stressful, a bajillion times better. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have done this before. Not well, mind you, but it's SOME experience and that helps. Like, I know how to HOLD THE BABY.

On the other hand, she's done a bit more crying than Jack did in his first couple of days, so, BOO.

I am super excited to dress her in her exceedingly girly going home outfit, strap her into the carseat and get out of this joint. We've had an excellent experience (more on that later, although I will say GOD BLESS THE EPIDURAL) and it's been nice to just kind of hibernate with Molly for a bit, but we're ready to go home and start Life With Two Babies.

*Note!* There would be pictures attached to this post if it weren't for the fact that I am typing on Phillip's MacBook and I am Apple Stupid and have no idea where to find the new pictures. And I am suspecting he hasn't uploaded them anyway. Like he has anything better to do. Harrumph.



She IS adorable, and make Phillip figure out that photo thing NOW because I need to see MORE of her!

Also, I'm a little jealous of your perfect family. I want a boy and a girl, boy first, too. Hmph.


Oh, it'll be so nice to get home. And start introducing Jack to life-as-it-now-is! :) Is Philip taking some time off work to help with the transition? Hugs to all of you!!


Maybe the bigger babies DO eat better. My philosophy is that bigger babies also have the wind power to really let you know when they are annoyed. At least mine did. =)

Can't wait to watch (alright, read) from the sidelines how it will be with TWO! Sending sleepy vibes Molly's way.

And yes, more pictures.


You sound happy :) And I am so happy for you, all of you guys. And yes, you are going to do it, because that's what us parents do. We just do it, even when we don't know how, and I have great faith in the whole Mighty Family. You guys will be just fine. And yeah Jack, deciding to be Super Napper just in time!
And yes, more pictures, ASAP.


hahaha Molly is super cute. I totally thought she had a pudgy face yesterday in pics, and I loved it!


So glad that Molly is finally here and is healthy. Welcome to the World of Two Babies! I have a 16 month old baby boy, and a baby girl that's about to turn a month old. I look forward to reading how you handle the same situation I'm in! :)


I am SO WITH YOU on the little baby = crappy eater thing. I still believe that was the root of Asher's feeding problems, as he was 5lbs when we left the hospital and he was the Worst Breastfeeder Ever. If I have another Small Baby, I will know what I'm up against, that's for sure.

I can't wait to see more pictures of Molly!


Send pictures, send pictures, send pictures! Then we can do some comparing!

I'm glad you get to go home!


It's amazing how all the drama we build up in our heads never ends up being quite as dramatic as we expect. It sounds like bringing home baby #2 is going to be exceptionally normal, and I'm so happy for you that it is.

On the waking up the sibling thing...I've heard it can be rough for a couple of weeks, but after that, most kids learn to tune out their siblings. One pediatrician even told my friends that when they brought home their second baby. "Siblings don't hear each other" is what he said.


I'm out with DS's EI for two days and missed the big news. CONGRATS, Maggie, Molly is a cutie! Can't wait to see more pictures.
As to the bigger baby = better eater theory, don't count on it. Mine was 8lbs and took 4 weeks to figure out the breastfeeding thing, and then only with a nipple shield. Just consider yourself lucky and keep slathering on the Lanisoh.
Sending sleepy vibes to both of you!


Oh - I can't wait to see the pics!
:) Becky


Hope all goes well at home. Poor Jack..he'll be fine, it is hard not being the entire center of the universe anymore : )

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