She's stolen TWO of my hooded sweatshirts
As soon as I publish this it will all go to pot

One week old

All righty then! I'll let you know when I've got a new space. I'm not sure when I'm going to get serious about this (read: I am eating a brownie as I type) but most likely in the next week or two. My mom read my post this weekend and was all, "I can't believe you're even THINKING about that right now" but I don't know. I was thinking about it through the whole pregnancy. Call me shallow!

I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in at least a month or two- I stopped keeping track somewhere in the third trimester and refused to look at the scale in the doctor's office (which is old and decrepit and WRONG ANYWAY.) I am positive I gained as much weight as I did with Jack (45 pounds) if not more. (Probably more.) But as of this morning I have 34 pounds to lose to get back to pre-Molly weight. Which, incidentally, would also be my pre-Jack weight. I got pregnant again at the same exact moment I could start wearing all my old clothes. Lucky me! So. 34 pounds. I can do it.

AAAAAAND that is the last you'll read about THAT. Unless you are into the whole weight loss kick thing and wander over to check out my not-yet-published new digs.

IN OTHER NEWS: Phillip turns 30 today. I hate to say it, but the only thoughts I've had re: Phillip's birthday are: Please don't let the baby be born on Phillip's birthday. And with that taken care of, it really hasn't been on my radar. ROTTEN WIFE. So my parents got him a weed whacker and my sister bought him a human-sized bag of gummi bears and my other sister made him cupcakes and I... did nothing. I held Molly up and said, "Look! I made this for you!"

I asked him what he wanted to do today and he said, "Buy something." Do you have a husband like this? Mine likes to buy expensive things. He's all about retail therapy. The reason I own shoes from stores other than Payless is because Phillip gives me lectures about Quality and Things That Last. So I asked him where he wanted to spend money and he said, "At this point even the grocery store would suffice." SAD.

We were all going to go to Costco until it got sort of late in the morning and we started thinking about the production it is getting two kids in and out of the car. So Phillip took Jack to the bank and the playground and I am home with the little one, who is hanging out in her Peanut Shell (LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.) and learning how to get all cranky about Mommy typing on the laptop. She learns quick, this one.

I'm working on The Gory Details and also Molly: Quite Possibly An Even Easier Baby Than Her Brother (I Shall Now Duck While You Throw Rotten Vegetables). But for now you get more pictures.

That would be her Suspicious Look.

This would be how she looks 99% of the day. I told you. EASY BABY.

Can't think of a caption because my entire self has turned to mush.


Kate P

Aw, aw, aw! And happy birthday, Phillip! (There, does that help, Maggie?)

I was born a few days after my mom's b-day--I didn't enjoy celebrating together when I was younger, but nowadays I like it that way.

Jenny Ryan

I held Molly up and said, "Look! I made this for you!"

I wish I could think of something witty to say but I can 't, because I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard. That is just awesome! What could anyone possibly say to that except, "Thank you. And now what can I do for YOU?"


Your kids are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the last picture so much!


Peanut shell looks like an easier version of the moby... hmmm... and, that last picture is murder - just as I'm getting back on my feet with a 4.5 month old (ie finding time to read more blogs, and dreading going back to work), you post that and make me want to have a sibling for said 4.5 month old. They're just precious, your little ones.


Tres cute Maggie!

How awesome that Phillip is into retail therapy. I find that is a precursor to, "is willing to go and do all the boring shopping WITH you as opposed to just wondering where all the groceries and stuff required to run a household come from."
which is a great trait in the couple department if you ask me.


Happy Birthday Phillip! Daniel turned 40 just over six weeks after Ethan was born. I managed to bake him a cake, but not much else. I think that Molly is quite sufficient as a gift!


Happy birthday, Phillip!

That Molly is adorable! Good choice for a birthday present. And the last picture...there are no words to describe the cuteness.


Oh. That last picture. I just melted and turned into a puddle of goo right here on my keyboard.


All I read is weedwhacker. We're so borrowing it at some point. Oh - and your babies are awesome and just get more so as time goes on. And didn't I hear a rumor about golf on Saturday? That's a present...


Oh my gosh, that one of Molly sleeping just makes me want to squeeze her! After she wakes up, of course. She's so darling!


Oooh! My husband too!! He likes Best Buy. I cannot even tell you how many hours I have spent looking for him in Best Buy. And he HARDLY EVER BUYS ANYTHING THERE! He goes home after and buys stuff on online. Thankfully there's a World Market and a Petsmart right next door and I can bargain my way in to at least one store 50% of the time. Sigh. We are getting a Costco card this week ... diaper heaven!! :)
As far as weight ... I have 14 of my prepregnancy pounds to go BUT I was 20 pounds too heavy when I got pregnant SO I have 34 pounds to go!! Can I just say that I am PRAYING that breastfeeding does the job and all I have to do is keep eating whatever isn't nailed down?
Sling are amazing!! I have a Hotsling! When Syd is fussy I (hardly ever, I think I have an Easy Baby too) she passes out instantaneously.


I agree. That last picture was just too much for words.


Melt. Incredible baby wishing and baby love oh so sweet. More melting.


Dr. Maureen

Maggie, you are giving me The Fever with those pictures. As in, "Baby Fever." Also, why has no one else commented on Jack's gargantuan head? It's so startling, because there is no scale in the pictures of Molly, and then Jack shows up and he is ENORMOUS! He used to be a SMALL BABY! Imagine!

Happy birthday to Phillip!


Seriously. TOO adorable! I think she already looks "girly" in that first picture. You know, not just like a baby, but like a cute girl baby.

So glad she is sleeping for you! (Though I might be throwing tomatoes at you in a couple months if I end up getting another adorable sleepless monster baby.)

Sarah in Ottawa

I am late to the party, but -- Happy belated 30th, Phillip! It is a fun age, and I am not just saying it b/c I only have a few more weeks at that age myself. :)

That last picture -- if I weren't already pregnant BOY would my ovaries be aching. Such cuties they are!

Mrs Marcos



That last picture is BEYOND adorable.

Oh my.

I fear I will be just as shallow when/if I get pregnant some day. Then I will force YOU to join my Weight Loss Wars, okay, Little Miss Maggie? :)

Watch out for that in a few years.


I think my boss is going to wonder why he just walked by my desk and saw me in a puddle on the floor... those pictures are just adorable!!!
:) Becky

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