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This post brought to you by morphine

While I'm eating my Cheerios

Earlier this morning I thought I might be in Real Live Actual Labor. It's slowed down considerably, so maybe not. Who knows. (Note to God: SICK OF THIS.) But anyway. Earlier, when things were hurting more, I was up watching Meet the Press and wondering if I wanted to have contractions in church and thinking, "Nah! That doesn't sound fun!" But then one of the journalists mentioned that when Sarah Palin went into labor she just finished out a meeting, got on a plane and went back to Alaska. So then I was all, "Well SHOOT."

So I'm going to church. Where I shall be (I can't believe I'm typing this) praying that things kick up again because seriously: SICK OF THIS.

*updated! lucky you!*

It's taken all fricking day, but I do believe there is some kicking up. Maybe? I am still not convinced. If I am up all night with contractions I am going to be Annoyed, and also Totally Irritated that it is happening on LABOR DAY. HAR HAR HAR.


Kate P

Aw, hang in there. I'm praying, too. St. Gerard--are you listening???

(Maybe if you crossed off the rest of the to-do list?)


I hope it is real labor! Good luck!

And you'd better update again as soon as you can to tell us because I am going to be hanging on the edge of my seat here.


I'm going in on September 10th. Hang with me!


I heard that about Sarah Palin too and thought - HOW??? how could she do that??? I couldn't imagine. It was hard enough going to the hospital in labor - but an airplane across the country?

praying for rest!


Ooooh!! Now I'm totally mad that we didn't get to catch up with you after church! I hope something comes of it, Maggie. Call me if you need something (something that I can actually do with a three week old - like cheer you on or something!) Hugs!!

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