This doesn't really have an ending
While I'm eating my Cheerios

A few unrelated totally random thoughts

The last two nights I haven't had any contractions. On one hand: gee, it's so much nicer going to bed without curling up in pain for an hour before you can fall asleep. On the other: I AM GOING TO BE PREGNANT FOREVER.

Jack woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual and was, as you may guess, a royal pain the entire morning. Phillip even apologized for having to go to work. (I'm not alone!) We managed until lunchtime and then, when I turned around from the stove with a nice hot grilled cheese sandwich, he was asleep in the high chair. He looked like he'd had a little too much to drink. I managed to stuff half the sandwich into him before the puppy dog eyes and fluttering eyelashes did me in and I put him to bed a full hour and a half earlier than usual. Obviously he needs some sleep, but if this nap isn't appropriately long enough he's going to be dealing with one exceptionally grouchy mother.

Of course he was an absolute angel yesterday, when his grandparents were here. Grandparents=Magic.

My old office is having a big party next week. I'm invited. I don't really want to catch up with the boss or anything, and I'm overly self-conscious of my rotundity (see: PREGNANT FOREVER), but it might be fun to be a fly on the wall. The one and only coworker I've ever managed to be friends with has promised to be my "wing girl". What would you do?

I have somehow neglected to stock up on ice cream. I do, however, have three watermelons in my refrigerator.

My mom brought over some pictures of my baby shower. There I am, filling up the entirety of my sister's huge armchair, my arms looking like mutton shanks and the top I thought was as-flattering-as-possible was decidedly, ah, NOT. I thought about weighing myself this morning and couldn't do it. I'm pretty sure I've gained more weight with this baby and I would like to rationalize that by saying I am measuring on track this time and obviously the baby is bigger and THAT must be the reason for the weight gain, but I am getting really depressed about it. I am remembering how long it took me to lose any weight at all, how I didn't lose the the last ten until I stopped breastfeeding, how unhappy I was in that body... I know there are more important (and exciting! and fun!) things to be thinking about and YES IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT but I am still feeling huge and bummed out. I've decided that one check in the Having A Baby In September Pros Column (and there aren't many, when you are the kind of person who sits in front of light boxes and plots to get her vitamin D levels checked) is that I won't have to fit summer clothes over a post-partum body. Long sleeves! Bulky sweaters! Works for me.

Jack better sleep long enough for MY nap. I now require at least an hour in the afternoons...

I've become addicted to Mad Men.

The right deezignerr went home Wednesday night. Could not stand that guy. Hated his stuff. And still totally cried when he cried at the end. And: how much do you think Korto's coat weighed? I was surprised her little stick model made it down the runway without collapsing.

What am I going to do with Jack this afternoon? Not only am I too tired to do pretty much everything, I don't have any clothes I can wear in public. DILEMMAS.



Let's see, my best what-to-do trick from when I taught daycare was to clear off the table and squirt some shaving cream on the table for the kids to smear around and fingerpaint with. Some of them just rubbed it into the table until it disappeared but they all loved it. Plus, it is soap and therefore self-cleaning! You can use whipped cream if you are worried about him tasting it (because they all tasted it, just most of them only did it once) but it is messier. Oh, they also loved it when I handed them baby wipes and told them to clean the dolls.

Kate P

I'm addicted to "Mad Men," too, thanks to WordGirl--although I'm a little worried about what direction they might take Fr. Gill!

I felt sorry for Keith on Project Runway, even though it was right that he was auf'd. He needs to figure out who he is before he expects everyone to understand him and his P.O.V. And Stella had better watch her step! (Um, stitch?)

Send the former co-worker to the party with your regrets. . . it'll heighten the mystique that IS Mighty Maggie. :)


Hrm. The work party is a tough one - if I couldn't get drunk I probably wouldn't go. My husband and I skip work functions and just blame it on each other all the time. ie - yesterday we skipped one for my husband and watched tv instead. He just told people I was studying and not 'up for going out.'


Oh Mags, just hugs.
And prayers for naps.


Is it time to put you on the list for "Baby Out" prayers? Or still a bit too early, and we're baking a bit longer? I lose track so easily of other people's due dates!

but the "I'm going to be pregnant forever" feeling means that it must be getting much closer than I think it is.

Sending prayers for the ability to take naps. sleep is very very important.

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