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TV and ice cream, my favorite things

In new baby news: If one more person tells me how tired I'm going to be, I will stab them with a plastic toddler fork. Read more at

In television news: for those of you whose TiVos, TiFauxs and DVRs did their job, what'd you think of this year's crop of Deezeyenerrz? I watched it live AND I recorded it. If I were a good little blogger I would go back and watch the episode all over, share my Top Three, give you my rundown on the Garments, who will be this year's Christian, Santino and Wendy Pepper etc. etc. But the truth is that I was working while I watched, and you know how the first episode has so many contestants you long for the days when it was just Christian and Jillian and Rami and Chris in the workroom? When you were attached to your characters and excited for Fashion Week and WHO ARE ALL THESE NEW PEOPLE INVADING PARSON'S?

That said. I kind of loved the girl who said she was going to be a "silent fashion assassin". I liked the girl with the big yellow flower in her hair. I suppose I should be rooting for the hometown boy, but GAH. (Also, he said he was from Seattle, but his bio says differently. Of course, if I were Blayne growing up in YAKIMA, I would have escaped to Seattle ASAP as well.)

Anyway, I promise to have a few more opinions once we whittle down the cast. Also, I promise not to be googling "css forms" while watching because wow, is that distracting.

Oooh! I DID want to tell you that on account of 1) passing my glucose test and 2) NOT HAVING GAINED ANY WEIGHT SINCE MY LAST APPOINTMENT I treated myself to an entire pint of Rocky Road ice cream while the deezeyenerrz ironed frat party cups and had meltdowns over their tablecloths. OH YES I DID. I haven't eaten ice cream since my You're Getting Too Fat Lecture (although I didn't exactly cut back on the Hershey Kisses and fudgesicles. Ahem.) IT WAS SO YUMMY. And because the pints were for 2 for six dollars, Phillip bought one and guess what HE HASN'T EATEN IT YET so I'm looking forward to another fabulous evening. At home. Alone. With my pint of ice cream. SIGH.

Anyway, I have a couple things I want to ask you, but I need to put the boy down for a nap and I don't have time to be Thorough. So for future blog topic reference, tell me: when did your kid start saying his first words?



My husband's first word as a baby was Batman. Yes, really. His mother is still really mad about it. (I wasn't there though, so I don't know how old he was when he said it.)


AHHH - I don't have Bravo on my cable package, so I will have to call my mom and beg her not to delete Project Runway. It's the only chance I have of watching the show! I'm so excited!
:) Becky

p.s. I don't have any of those offspring-types, so I'm no good on your question. ;)


Question....were they insinuating that Blayne has a coke problem? Like four different times they showed him sniffing.
I prefer fewer contestants as well. I thought the first challenge was BORING!

My first didn't really start using words til consistently til 17 months, my second more like 12 months, but a boy I babysat for not til like just past two. Sounds like some niggling worries?


First off: Yay! For the glucose testing, ice cream, Runway extravaganza. I've decided not to consciously choose a favorite for this season. Every season I have a favorite who matches my aesthetic pretty well, every season that person makes it to Bryant Park and every season that person loses. Sigh. Now that they've recycled the Gristede's challenge I wonder if we'll see any more repeat offenders. Anyway, enjoy the ice cream.


My kids are both girls and that tends to make a world of difference at this age and talking. You can tell that girls are the more social creatures even at the ripe age of 1!

As for your question: I am a Speech-Language Pathologist (fancy talk for Speech Teacher. Not the ones who teach you how to speak eloquently in public, just the one that teaches you how to speak.) Yes, girls tend to speak earlier than boys. However, I wouldn't worry too much about it until they are 2-3 years old. I have a nephew that at 20 months just now started really talking and another friend whose son didn't really start going until after he turned two.

My suggestions: keep doing what your doing: reading him books, talking to him (you'd be surprised how obvious that is, but how some forget to talk to their youngins), encourage speech when it happens or if you know he can say something, i.e. milk- having say milk before he can have more, and play with him and all the while describing what your doing, what the toy is doing, what he is doing.


I feel ya ... I've been living on bean dip, fried egg sandwiches, and ice cream bars with no guilt since I haven't been gaining any weight lately. Woo hoo prego!!


I LOVE Project Runway too! I'm so excited to watch it, because it's on my DVR but I haven't seen it yet. I can't wait!
My baby is 14 months and has started saying "mama" a couple of months ago. She really doesn't say much else that makes sense though, just tons of babbling. I like your blog!


There is hardly anything better than a pint with another pint in the future.

My kids have all said a first word right around age 1, but the word has been VERY INDISTINCT. Like, "duh" for done. And then usually a few more of that sort ("ba" for ball, "kuh" for cat) over the next few months. I don't remember when they started saying words that were more like WORDS. And even my girl (I keep hearing girls are supposed to be earlier talkers), who is now NEVER SHUTTING TEH UP, wasn't saying much at age 2.


Now I kind of wish I had a TV.

Shea is a talker. She started saying "mama" and "dada" at around 8-9 months and now is quite the chatterbox. If it were up to me I'd take good sleeping over the talking, though. (Can you tell it's been a long day?)


oh YES. Now I can read this post, because I watched the DVR'd PR at my parents' house this weekend.

What the HECK did Blayne design!? For the love of GOD.

I liked the girls a lot. Even the weird & funny blonde one who one. I was completely overwhelmed by the AMOUNT of designers. Did they multiply this seasoN!?

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