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Mean nuns and rulers

Nothing to see here, stop by tomorrow

I swear I had a million things to say today. I have erased, in this order, posts regarding 1) Catholic School 2) Why grown ups don't act like grown ups ie: is that 45-year-old woman I know smoking pot on the weekends FOR REAL? 3) how it is cold and snowing and I am stuck inside all day and 4) the status of my blogroll, which I am pretty sure no one gives a rat's ass about. (If you do: I am working on it!)

Oooh, I also erased a post about POLITICS because MY GOD we don't bring up POLITICS on the BLOG! What am I thinking?

Anyway, I am sitting here obsessively refreshing my UPS tracking number to see when my new jeans are going to get here (new! jeans!) while my mother-in-law does the diaper changing and feeding and putting to bed. I might even take a nap.

Except not yet, because I have to eat lunch and fancy up my sister's resume. I've had a string of crappy jobs and absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up, but I am VERY good at fancying up resumes.

So I am sorry to leave you with this pathetic excuse for a post, but you know, you can't just fling a post about Catholic education into an online den of RABID CATHOLICS without putting some thought into it. And let me tell you, this post contained absolutely no thought whatsoever.

Oh, and to update you on the Barfing: there has been no barfing since I last posted. THANK GOD. And for the record, yes, the baby spits up and all that, but not very often and NEVER EVER has his dinner vacated his insides in quite the way it did last week. So there. And just so you don't get too jealous, I will have you know that we go through about 47 drool bibs a day. DISGUSTING.



I'm glad the barfing is over! Also, what's wrong with the occasional post about politics? I mean, it's your blog! Just saying.


I want to hear the grown ups post!

And I own a recruiting business. All resumes must be one page and one page only! You probably already knew that but I see so many terrible resumes that I must say. One page only! One page!

Mrs. Flinger

You can blame the blogroll on me. Email me. Let's try to figure it out. I know you've done this but I sense lost your email and would like to help.

plus, hey! I'm stuck inside all day, too! ;-)


AH! All those subjects sound fascinating. But I understand the allure of Other Things Besides the Internet.

Politics are TOTALLY fair game. It’s great to be funny and all that, but we allow the serious stuff, too. (Or you could do it like *A* Daily Show and have both!)

Also, let’s talk about what we wanna be when we grow up. That’s currently my biggest anxiety attack EVER. Help.


RABID CATHOLICS made me laugh. And I'm interested to find out what you think about Catholic school.


Dude I TOTALLY care about your blogroll. Hee!

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