I was not joking about the Motivational Emails
I suppose there's always Benadryl

How many times can I mention cake?

Hello from Sunday night. I finally tore myself away from Paper Mario to run up here and get a few things done before I go to bed. Except it's hard to get a few things done when you can hear your husband playing Paper Mario downstairs and you are sort of insanely jealous.

(SERIOUSLY. You Wii owners must try this game. I suggest making sure you have nothing scheduled for the next month or two.)

I told someone I would spend my entire Monday doing a certain project. (Oooh, that sounds so vague. Like I am a Secret Agent! Or a Political Operative!) Anyway. I do believe I used the word "devote". As in "devote my entire Monday." So yeah. This is me getting the obligatory Monday Blog Post out of the way.

Except: so not obligatory! I am so excited about you Weight Lossers! How cool are we? I may have bragged a bit about us in real life. As promised, here is The Progress for the weekend:

  • I did awesome
  • Until we had my family over Saturday morning for brunch
  • Where I still did awesome
  • Until it was time to serve the cake
  • (Cake is TOTALLY brunch food)
  • (And we ordered it special)
  • Have eaten nothing but broth and cucumbers today to make up for it.
  • (I must be kidding.)
  • There is LEFTOVER CAKE.

Suffice to say that I have not weighed myself, for fear of seeing that I have GAINED a pound. Thereby shooting myself up to a FIVE POUND weight loss goal instead of an infinitely easier FOUR POUND GOAL. 
But tomorrow? So back to business.

I was trying to figure out how to connect with the other Weight Lossers, so we could see how everyone is doing and who is doing great and who needs a good kick in the chubby shin. Have not figured that out yet, because- SIGH- I am not a Computer Whiz. So if you're up for it, let us know how you're doing in the comments! At least that way I'll know to send a shin kicking email. (Also, how cool are you guys! It appears nothing brings out the lurkers like births and guilt-trippy posts about weight.)

Dude, this post is about as substantive as angel food cake. (I hate angel food cake. Why eat cake that tastes and feels like styrofoam? Have you not heard of DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE? Which is SO MUCH BETTER? Are you now wanting to kick MY shins for bringing up CAKE? AGAIN?)

I better go to bed so I can function tomorrow. I did say I would do actual work. That would pay me actual money. It'd be nice if I could remember how to type in the morning. Of course, I don't plan to ignore the internet all day. Goodness no. I'll need something to do when my brain hits the CANNOT POSSIBLY CONTINUE wall and I've got weeks-old comments to respond to and bargains to find online and, as always, blogs to read. I hope you'll have something fantabulous for me to read.

Night night!

P.S. It is January 6, official Christmas quitting time, and my decorations are STILL UP! Who wants to come over and help me box up 8 zillion ornaments? Anyone? I've got cake!



Have you ever had homemade angelfood cake? It is glorious, it's the prefered b-day cake of my family growing up. I love angel food cake! Although I have a lemon filled b-day coming my way later this month...

Anyway lurker, just needed to stand up in defense of the angel food for a moment there!


I agree with Mykai - Angel Food, if done right is delish!

I managed to gain 6 lbs from T-day until right after Christmas. I had lost 2 lbs between then and now. This morning I got on the scale to realize that I had gained another lb.

Ugh, this weight loss thing is soo hard and I don't even have a baby to worry about either!


Yesterday, I had chocolate swirl angel food cake. The cake was a tad dry, but the chocolate swirl part totally made up for it. It had fruit on it too, so it was totally healthy, right?


I am doing so good on the eating part! (or not eating part). So! So! good! No cake here. No cookies. No nothing except a few cinnamon Sun Chips (which only have 3g of sugar per serving but taste like they have at least 10). So, anyway, when I weighed myself Saturday I'd lost 1.5 pounds. Yay me! When I weighed myself Sunday? I'd gained a pound back. What the heck? I was too scared to weigh today. I'll do it tomorrow.

Angel Food Cake Hater aka OWNER OF THE WEBSITE

I'm sorry, but NO. No! I have MADE angel food cake. With a dozen egg whites! Beaten to a froth! I made it for my coworker's birthday- it's her favorite- and she LOVED IT. And then I made it again for someone who can't have dairy (no butter!) and HE LOVED IT. It was not the best angel food cake, I'm sure, but it was made RIGHT and it is STILL like having styrofoam in your mouth.

Of course, I'm the kind of person who complains that triple chocolate fudge ripple ice cream is not chocolatey enough and brownies need to be dense fudge-like hockey pucks to make me happy. In case that matters.


OMG if Wii paper mario is anything like the N64 paper mario, we're in trouble. When I played that game my children lived on ketchup packets and water from the dog bowl. I better not try the Wii version.

Hooray on your progress..and by the way i'd switch from cucumbers and broth to celery and broth since it takes more calories to digest than it contains ;).

My progress? I ran again yesterday!! and Ive switched from the Christmas candy to twizzlers. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there are only orange starburst and mystery chocolates left in the christmas candy btw. Or that I love twizzlers more than anything in the world.


My MIL in law finally went home this morning, and I've stripped the beds and made my oatmeal and my tea and I've thrown out all the butter cookies she made. I'm sending the TWO freaking pies she's also responsible for with Mr. E to work. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the pan of brownies and the lasagna leftovers. That doesn't involve me eating them.
Oh, and my scale is broken, so I have no idea where I'm starting from, except I know that even my fat jeans don't fit, so I have some work to do. And now I'm going to log in to weight watchers and figure out what the heck to eat for the rest of the day.
I would really like to start back running tonight, but right now, I won't lie, I'm not feeling super motivated on that front. We'll see.


I would totally help you with the great 2007 Christmas Decoration Take-Down if not for the baby on whom I lay blame for my own neglected house...oh, and the bazillion miles between your house and mine. But, if not for those two things, I would totally help in exchange for cake. Yum!

Megan Elizabeth

I am fat. I am trying to convince myself that it is more about knowing I am eating right than what our evil possessed we-got-it-cheap-at-WalMart scale says.

Our tree is still up. It might get taken down this week. Or not.


I still haven't done anything towards the weight loss end, but that's because I need to start and finish my entire grad school application this week. Yes, start AND finish. I'm hoping to finish either my personal statement or my thesis proposal today and hopefully the written application part as well. I'm like super stressed right now with this, but once this is out of the way, I am totally on board.

Uhm, we didn't put up any Christmas decorations this year (and considering everything, I am very happy about that), but my dad did have his Christmas tree that he keeps in his room up. He never took it down from last year. In fact, he told me that he thinks it looks nice there and he doesn't plan on taking it down until he moves. So, anyone who feels lazy about keeping your Christmas stuff up? Feel better.

Jenny Ryan

Is it even possible to mention cake too many times? I think not.

Super Paper Mario is fantastic! Now we are onto Super Mario Galaxy.


We are currently addicted to Mario Party 8. Before that was Carnival Games. And Big Brain Academy before that. Man, I need a life.


When you bake a special cake for the guest of honor at a party, that person will remember your gesture forever. Here are some cake decoration ideas.


Mass email? Yahoo group?

Chubby Hubby. That is all.


/looks for willpower

/wonders how maggie has time to play a Wii with a 7 month old

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