A French maid goes to a funeral
Let no one say I hoard my brilliance


If it looks funky around here it's because I'm redecorating. Yes, working on my blog on a Friday night. What are YOU doing READING BLOGS on a Friday night, hmm?

Next time on Mighty Maggie: How to fold fitted sheets. With pictures! I know! Who knew I'd have an actual skill to share with the Internet?



I guess I'm a loser because I'm reading blogs on Friday night. What else is a girl to do when her baby is actually sleeping and staying asleep?

I could totally use a fitted sheet tutorial. I don't even try. I fold/wad. Terrible, I know!


I hope you really are going to post about how to fold fitted sheets, because it's something I've never done well =)


well, I just got in from the dh's office party. I'm tired and decompressing by reading blogs. Since I first spent hours socializing, it's fine to be spending time reading...



Not only am I reading blogs on a Friday night, it's my BIRTHDAY, for pete's sake. But we went out and had fun already and now I'm on my way to bed, so I'm not entirely lame. Just sort of lame.

(not that I'm calling anyone lame.)


Love the new look Maggie. And don't worry, I'm in a big city on a Friday night(that doesn't happen very often) and I wanted to check in on my blogs. I'm pretty lame too.

blog nerd

hmmm---I'm going to take design element lessons from you.

things I learned: fluid columns look much more sloppy than fixed columns

that is a FANTASTIC picture of you and Jacko.

blog nerd

grammar correction. look sloppier. that's much more better.


I'm so impressed with your ability to find time to revise your site. I can barely find time to put up weekly posts. For a person who weighs less than my bowling ball, the princess is rather demanding. Someday, I will catch up on the world of Maggie, as I have missed your posts. But seriously, just turning on the computer some days is an accomplishment.


I love the new design! I also love that picture of you & Jackson. Cuteness abounds.

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