Still no baby
The calm before the storm

Written in between the times I want to die

Can I just say how lovely you people are? Phillip feels so special ("I already got three comments on my post!") and I really appreciate the emails. Even my mom is all, "Aren't those internet people so NICE?"

Today has been a drag. D-R-A-G. I've pretty much been wide awake since 3:30 YESTERDAY morning blowing my way through contractions. Like this one. OW. But now all is well because we just got back from a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment where, after a most uncomfortable 'exam' (that's a pretty fancy word for what she did, I'd say) she told me I was at 4 cm, everything was thinned out and the baby's head was all the way down. Quoth my doctor, "You're going to have this baby tonight."

So NOW... we're back home. I am alternately elated at the idea of going to the hospital ASAP and getting pumped full of modern medicine and thrilled that I can stay home where I can eat ice cream and curse in peace. We'll be here for a while, but I have no qualms about heading over to the hospital sooner rather than later. I'm a little afraid of 5 cm to tell you the truth.

Phillip and I feel so much better. I didn't want to go to this appointment (and tried to get out of it) because I didn't want to endure a contraction in the 10 minute car ride to the clinic. I've been up all night (I saw E! True Hollywood Stories for both Saved By The Bell and That '70's Show) and I'm exhausted. Yesterday I went to Target and hung out at a friend's house, just biting my lip and holding my breath through contractions. But today... holy crap. And I was positive I'd go to this appointment only to hear that I was .037 cm and nowhere near actual labor, thereby confirming my big fat wussiness.

But! I do not feel like a big fat wuss! Am feeling like Superwoman!

Not really. I totally bawled when the doctor left the room because OHMYGOD. Someone is feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll have a BABY. Who is allowing this? I don't know what to do with a baby. Anyway, all of that is to say: OBVIOUSLY I need all the prayers and THANK YOU.



Yay! Praying for a smooth delivery and can't wait to hear the will be a great mommy!


Bring on Baby Cheung! I'm crossing my fingers for an easy delivery for you!


You are Superwoman. Definitely.

Crying during labor is de rigeur. If you didn't do it at least once, I'd be shocked. Expect many more tears over the next hours and days.

I just told Bryan "MAGGIE IS HAVING HER BABY TONIGHT!" and he is appropriately thrilled. Milla is also showing quite a bit of enthusiasm about this development.

We are praying for an easy-as-possible labor and a safe delivery.

P.S. Research shows that the later you go to the hospital, the lower your chance of a c-section. (Also the higher your chance of delivering in the lobby, ha.)

Again, praying hard and checking back for updates!


I can't wait to meet him. Best of luck in labor and delivery, I just know you'll do great.

Come on, SMALL BABY!

Laura that the moment is upon you..aren't you glad he is a small baby..I mean that must mean small head too..right?? Anyway, prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way and I can't wait to see baby Wang (you were serious about Wang Cheung right??) Ok, your mom is freaking if she is reading this..sorry. What a WONDERFUL Mother's Day this will glad he is arriving in time! Being someone's Mama is truly the most wonderful thing in the world.

Love to all of you.


You are Superwoman - holy cow you wrote a blog post while in labor somewhere between 4 and 5 cm dialated!!!!! There has to be some sort of award for that. :-)
I am so excited for you... and am praying often! One decent piece of advice from my first labor teacher: Remind yourself with each contraction that it is one more contraction closer to your child and you will *never* have to live through that contraction again!


Good luck Maggie!! I can't believe he's almost here. It seems like just the other day you told us internets that you were in the family way. I'll be praying for all three of you until Phillip or you post with pics and updates!!


How exciting!! Hope everything goes well for you all!

Salome Ellen

Praying! And it can go VERY fast after 5 cm., so don't be afraid to go when you feel ready. At least around here, the will admit you if you show up at 3. So four already. Hoo-haah!


Go Maggie! Or should I say, "Baby Cheung"! I tried to check your blog at work today (which I haven't tried to do before, as I'm generally very respectful of our internet usage policy) and you were blocked!!! How rude! So I rushed home to check, and either he's not here yet or you've reached tow curling (is that a technical term?). We're praying for you guys and hope to here from you VERY soon!


Oh, Maggie, I'm so happy for you & Phillip. You've been so kind & wonderful to me during my own ordeal (I keep meaning to respond to your email, but I'm in the midst of finals, so it'll probably be more like Tuesday), I can't thank you enough. I'm definitely returning the prayers in spades.

I can't wait to see the pictures of the baby and to congratulate you & Phillip. I hope all goes well and labour is as smoothe as it possibly can be. God bless you both.

Katie Ann

Yay! Mommy Maggie! Go Superwoman!


Woo! Go Maggie! And Phillip! And Baby Cheung!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and here's to an easy delivery!

You will be a fantastic mom, I promise.


Prayers, prayers, prayers! You'll do great!! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say God is allowing this. LOL.


Maggie, 4 centimeters and your spirit is irrepressible as always!!

It has been a joy and a real trip to read about your road to this very night!

God bless you and yours!

Traci B

You are a true champ girl! 4cm and still at home- WHEW!!!! Yah for you!!! I will be checking on you early in the morn and I sure hope to see babies length and weight when I get there:-) Be well and be're doing great!!!


Hitting refresh a hundred times isn't helping I guess! I will keep checking in on you and hoping for some news. I posted on my blog that Daddy would be updating from the hospital so I hope to see something soon! You are going to be GREAT parents..


Oh my gosh, so very excited! And here I was sitting here thinking I should email you about Trader Joe's and you're busy doing important things like HAVING A BABY!!! Ack! Big huge happy thoughts for you and Phillip!

Kate P

I'm sure you'll all do great! I'll keep praying. :)

To Arwen--my mom's the champion of going to the hospital late! I was born at home (waited too long) and my younger sister was born a few minutes after arriving at the hospital (and Mom does say almost the lobby).

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