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The calm before the storm

Well there were a couple of obstacles to getting this post out.  First there was the trip to the hospital.  That went pretty well.  Lots of green lights and no traffic.  Not very many contractions on the way there either.  Then there was all the hospital stuff.  Signing forms, setting up monitoring, getting epidural, ordering dinner (for me, not Maggie).  Throw in a visiting sister and calling friends and relatives and you have a pretty busy time. 

Also there was some technical problems as well.  Turns out the hospital uses the same IP range as my work so my VPN client was actually blocking the internet.  So now I have internet but it looks like the the hospital blocks access to Typepad.

Long story short, Maggie's doing fine and is trying to rest.  After posting this I'll try and get a nap too.  Hopefully the next update will have some baby pictures. 




Hooray for epidurals - and rest!! Glad Maggie is settled in and praying that the pushing phase will go well and Baby Cheung will be there soon!!
Blessings!!! :-)



If one thing is clear from Maggie's blog is that I think when it comes to you and technological challenges, there is no obstacle you could not leap in a single techno geekly bound.

And I mean that in a deeply admiring way.

Thanks for keeping us posted---I can't WAIT to see the pictures.

Love to Maggie. I'm doing a dance in her honor---you may know it? It's called the Wang Cheung? You can basically have fun and Wang Cheung in the same night? Pretty cool.


I am so excited for you!! and like everyone else, I have been checking your site about 10 times a day thank you for all the updates!

I can't wait to see baby Cheung!

with love & prayers for an easy birth,



Traci B

Almost there.... I am so excited for you guys... I'll check again soon!


Come on Maggie..I have to leave for Charlotte in a couple of hours....oh well, I will be out of pocket for a few but right back to check. Wow daddy...you are a techno geek...thanks for jumping through hoops to update us all!


We are all on tenterhooks.

Also, Phillip, you, like my husband, are under the illusion that when you say stuff like, "the hospital uses the same IP range as my work so my VPN client was actually blocking the internet," that we have any idea what you are talking about. Does it work now? Good.

Good luck!

kelli lu

trying to suppress huge grin, lest coworkers think i'm crazy, but very, very excited for you two! praying for smooth, easy labor and a bouncing, healthy little boy! thanks for keeping us posted. (c: !!


Oh, the *IP range*! Oh, the *VPN client*!

Yup, I'm with Maureen. It means nothing to me. I mean, I've got a vague recollection of hearing those abbreviations before, but if I read that sentence to my husband and he started explaining it me, my eyes would roll back in my head. Hee.

I really, really hope that everything is going okay with you guys out there, considering that it is now 7am your time. Hopefully you are happily cuddling with Baby Cheung. We can't wait to see pictures!

Much love to you all, and I'll keep the prayers coming.


oohhhh! I go out of town and see what kind of blogarific stuff I come home to?

Best wishes for an easy, easy labor. I wish your posts had some kind of time stamp so I could know what I'm dealing with here!

Welcome Wang Cheung :)


yay yay yay! maggie and phillip. Young and i have been checking in constantly on the blog (even though we haven't posted i promise we have been reading ;). congratulations!
love jen and young

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