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Still no baby

Well all of you get the proxy blogger this morning since Maggie is too busy huffing and puffing and in general not feeling too great.  No baby yet and we're still at home.  I called the hospital last night and the nurse said to call back when Maggie's pain reaches "toe curling" level.  Maggie was not too happy to hear that.  First, it means that these are still the minor contractions and the worst is still coming.  Second, should I really be watching Maggie's toes?

I'm hungry.  I'm off to see what's in the fridge.  More updates later. 




Oh, that baby is coming!

Toe-curling, hmmmm. Good luck figuring that one out.

Sending up prayers for you guys! And as soon as that baby comes out we want pictures of him, STAT.


Thanks for the update Phillip! Tell Maggie I'm praying for her.
And hey - don't eat any peanut butter! Or anything else that stinks... my hubby did that and it really annoyed me! :-}

Kate P

Hope you found something good to eat, Phillip! Gotta keep your strength up there. :)


Well hello there Phillip---give Maggie my absolute best and tell her I've prayed for her TWICE this morning!


If she hasn't tried it already, tell Maggie to sit in a warm bath. Make the water as deep as you can. This REALLY helped me. Until it got so bad I had to stand and move around becuase I just couldn't sit still -- until it got so bad I couldn't move around (don't tell Maggie about that part), but then the baby came. Oh, also, once it got that bad, I had an overwhelming and completely uncharacteristic urge to bite my husband's neck. So, be aware.


Poor Maggie!!! Let her know I'm thinking of her!

Thanks for the update!


Update?!?! My poor refresh button is starting to stick! Philip - I hope you found something yummy to eat, and Maggie, I'm praying for you and the little one. And yes, there must be pictures sooon after he arrives. The internet NEEDS to see how adorable the little asain/caucassion boy will be. Lots of prayers.


Come on little one!!! Thanks for the update Daddy and keep them coming. Just do whatever she says..it will be easier on you that way...

Traci B

:-) Soon... Very soon!

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