Still no baby

I am not amused

Phillip and I have been keeping track of [manageable thus far] contractions since about six. It's nearly ten. Tomorrow morning I am either going to be shaking my fist at the universe for robbing me of a whole night's sleep or I'll be in the hospital. I still don't know if I'm ready for the whole hospital thing (seriously? I'm having a baby?) but if all these contractions are for nothing I'm going to be REALLY IRRITATED. At the very least I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. Anyone want to come hang out with me while Phillip crams the rest of the work week into one morning shift?


Christina/Mrs Broccoli Guy

AH so exciting!! I hope these are THE contractions and you make good progress!! Walking really helped me to keep things moving along... and in the hospital they let me take a hot bath and that was great too. Wish I could come hang with you - that sounds like a lot of fun (um, for me anyway!). I'll be praying for you though. May you have a ridiculously easy labor and birth! :-)


Okay---I'm up with you. It is 2:19 AM my time.

there is NOTHING WRONG with going to the hospital to get checked out. I know all the books warn about going too early but with a first child sometimes you need the reassurance and to understand when it too early and when is too late!

Thinking about you!

Traci B

Just checking up on you... hope you are moving right along and that all goes very easy and fast! I will check in again in a little while...best wishes.


OOOOOO....I keep hitting the refresh button. Come on baby!!!!

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