Drum Roll Please...
I am an excellent one-handed typist



Now that we've seen you blogging with him attached to you we don't want to hear any lame excuses about not being able to blog! ;) So cute! Is he waving at us? Or is he saying "talk to the hand!"? Hard to say...


I LOVE that picture!! LOL. You are such a champ. But seriously, if you are too tired/drained/consumed with that amazing beautiful baby to blog for a while, don't worry, we'll still be here when you come back. I remember I didn't answer my phone for weeks because it was just too tiring to think conversationally!
Take care of you!!! :-)


It is wonderful to see you and your little one so happy. And I'm glad to hear he's eating well, hope that continues!! God bless and I suppose we'll understand if you don't blog as often as before. And remember - we do love the boring and benign! Such a cute momma you make!


My mother wanted me to tell you he is BEAUTIFUL. I agree and so does Jim. And thanks for showing me there is blogging after birth. Love to you both.


this is funny to me. our hospital didn't have internet :(


Congratulations - what a beautiful baby!


OMG you look FANTASTIC. Yes, yes, cute baby, but YOU! No way you just had a baby. Dude.

The baby is quite adorable, however.

But seriously, you look great. I hope you feel as good as you look!


Oh my gosh, you look so cute! I mean it, really, like unfairly cute! Waiting patiently for more stories...


Such dedication! I'm duly impressed.

And I agree, you look unfairly cute. Especially compared to my post-partum self, when I looked like I was about to die. (True story: one nurse who came into my room after Milla's birth actually did a double take, so pale was I thanks to my anemia.)

I love everything about this picture: your cute self (love the glasses!), Jackson's beautiful little self, the fact that you are on the computer. Perfect.

I hope you're enjoying your new little guy! Amazing, isn't it?





Oh sweet little baby! That makes me miss my newborns! Precious!


OK girlie, I am more than impressed! Isn't it weird how even at one day old, it's like they've been around forever?

Love to you guys!


ROFL -- that is picture is priceless! He's beautiful and you look great! Thanks for the new pic. He looks really squeezable!


You do realize...between Phillip's work and your blogging Jackson is destined for computer nerd-dom. He's going brag to friends about how his mom kept up on her blogging in the hospital and how we all love her for it! (...like Vanessa said, we'll be here if you take a break, but it would be sad!)


Oh..I LOVE IT!!! You guys are the best and what a sweet pic of the two of you. You are a natural! Jackson looks so comfy!

Kate P

He hasn't even been around that long and he's already supervising your blogging, LOL!


Well, the internet loves you more. Seriously. Well, ok, I know *I* do, so I feel ok in saying that.

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