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Hey people. I will TELL you if I go into labor. I will be the girl who remembers to bring her laptop to labor and delivery but forgets her hospital bag. Like I won't be LIVEBLOGGING the entire event.

Okay. Maybe not the ENTIRE event.

On an ordinary Monday at this time, I would be hurriedly stuffing a bagel down my throat as I ran red light after red light, but today I am home. I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Help!

I had Phillip leave last night's dishes in the sink so I would have "something to do". I made myself leave the baby's room alone this weekend so I'd have things to fuss with this week. I have a short list of errands to run and grand plans to clean the bathroom and I might even schedule that pregnancy massage I haven't had time for, but other than that? What do you DO when you stay home all day?

If I had the kid, obviously, I wouldn't be asking such a stupid question. But for now I am a housewife. Maybe I'll buy myself a box of bon bons and run the bath.

People (other than yourselves) have started the BabyWatch. We were a little late to a church fundraiser thing on Saturday and when we made our grand entrance, a dozen people rushed up to say they were SURE we were at the hospital having the baby RIGHT THEN. And when I got home a friend had left a message on our machine demanding to know if were giving birth that instant as we were a whole fifteen minutes late to the fundraiser.

I saw my aunt and uncle yesterday and they were all, "Next time we see you you'll be a MOMMY!" Very nice people have asked to be put on the Email Notification List, people I thought really weren't all that interested. Every time I call Phillip at work, to ask what he wants for dinner or that ha ha I'm leaving early and he isn't, his coworkers crowd around yelling THIS IS IT!

Tangent: My local news is interviewing Zach Braff right now (squee!) and there was some question regarding biological clocks and Mr. Braff just acknowledged that he is 32, "the time people start thinking about when to have babies." Oh Mr. Braff. I suppose it's all relative.

My new hire is supposed to show up at work in seven minutes. That's the real reason I'm on the computer. So if she has a question she can email me and get an instantaneous answer. This is how much I care.

Oh dear. Are you now dreading the caliber of my blog posts now that I am a blissfully unemployed housewife who requires a Hoyer lift to get her off the couch?




Ok, ok, I'll stop leaving "are you in labor" comments... so long as you promise to liveblog. (HA! I am so laughing at that! I will be very very VERY impressed if you actually do such a thing!)

I'm trying to remember what I did with my time before I had kids. Egads, that was way back in the stone age before blogs! Also I didn't have a house yet so that limits the options too. I think you should go to your local plant nursery and get yourself some pretty flowering plants and put them in a container - then you have your own little easy to manage "garden" and it will give you something to enjoy all summer when you are way to busy/tired/etc to care about such things! (ooh, or you could make some super cute about-to-be-a-grandma mother's day present for your mom! See, I have ideas... just no time to do them myself!!)


Now that you are no longer working you can answer the most important question: what diaper bag did you finally decide upon? Inquiring minds want to know!

I was a housewife for more than a year before Milla was born, and since her birth I've many times kicked myself for not using my time more wisely back then. I could have gotten so much done.

But now, you should rest. 'Twill be your only chance for a while!


I was so sick of those comments when I was pregnant, I wanted to barf!! (Oh wait, I was already barfing.. .STILL! But I digress.) I'm glad you'll notify us! I can't wait to hear the news or see pics!


Just kick back on the couch and read books!!!! Reading is almost impossible for me now. I suppose if I give up the whole blogging thing I would have more time. And I could stop watching the two or three shows I MUST see, but life does need to be worth living, now doesn't it? Seriously, rest and read.


I will tell you what everyone I know told me (though, I imagine it will annoy you just as much as it annoyed me) .... take this time to kick back and relax. You won't get it again for a looooong while. However, I have to say, it's good advice. Follow it.

My boy was nearly 3 weeks late and I had the same problem - every Sunday we'd walk into church and every little old lady who sat near us would be perched at the end of her pew just waiting to see us walk in. By the last Sunday decided it was time to convince my husband to go to a different Mass, just so we didn't have to see all of those people saying, "you haven't had the baby YET?". The good part, though, is that it's those very same people who will dote over your beautiful little bundle and tell you over and over and over again about how beautiful your baby is.

And you will agree. With every ounce of your being.

OH - one thing NOT to do in your pre-baby free time: Fight the temptation to watch A Baby Story. Unless your head is on straight enough to recognize that that half-hour show, edited for content and time, is absolutely NOTHING like having a real baby.



Read my lips.


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